Neostrata Bionic Oxygen Recovery 8.4 oz


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Neostrata Bionic Oxygen Recovery 8.4 oz

This restorative treatment delivers molecular Oxygen with a PHA/Bionic blend to revitalise, help decrease redness and calm skin immediately post-procedure.

The unique, effervescent formula delivers Oxygen to help increase cellular energy and optimize collagen levels,
encouraging post-procedure rejuvenation.

Mix 6% PHA / Bionic acid: anti-oxidant, skin protection
Mixture of perfluorohexane, perfluorodecalin, perfluoromethylcyclopentane: colorless, oxygen supplying to the skin
Biosaccharide gum: Fucose-rich polysaccharide is produced from plants through fermentation; Provides moisture to the skin.
A self-foaming gel-cream gel and 5% glycerin to help balance the skin's moisture.